Thursday, 31 October 2013

Beginning to accept modernity

Hallo! Are you surprised to see me here...on a BLOG? Yes, me too. Not one for jumping on latest trends, I am rather late to the game, so please excuse any mistakes.

When trying to decide on what to write about in a public sphere, after already journalling by hand daily (did I mention I'm old fashioned like that?), working on a novel, writing short stories when the fancy takes me, and not to mention composing songs on the guitar, I did wonder if I'd have anything remotely interesting left. Well, we shall soon see, I suppose.

The beauty of blogs is perhaps that people from all over the world can "tune in," and being an avid traveller, this was an appeal. Loyal supporters of my music might be interested in new material I'm working on, others may be curious in the random places I often turn up in, and some may find my experiences in these places useful for their own adventures.

This is not to say that I'm trying to write a travel blog, but merely attempting to share impressions, ideas, and to convey the joy that travel can bring. (Oh dear, sounds rather like a travel blog after all, doesn't it...hmm.) The ubiquitous "they" have said that music is a global language, which I firmly believe, so perhaps this foray into the modern world of writing will be a way of discovering new places through the eyes of music. As a citizen of the world and a musician, I see boundless opportunities in this.

I have had the great fortune to live all over the world and travel extensively, and now the journey can continue on here. No doubt, I will also now and then go "off topic" into areas that I am equally passionate about, such as films, books and all things WWII Europe. Certainly, I have a story or two to tell, so come join me!