Sunday, 5 October 2014

Autumn Colours in Groningen

It dawned beautifully on Saturday. A day on which sleeping in is allowed, but I was, for some reason, awake at the crack of dawn. After a hearty, porridge breakfast I went back to bed with my crossword and then left the house about mid morning. I've mentioned the Saturday markets before, and I just love visiting the stalls which have such fresh produce and friendly people. The day was beautiful, so it all seemed to shine!

The great thing about waking up early is it means you can sneak in a second breakfast (and possibly even elevenses!). I realise I sound like a hobbit, going on about all these meals, but walking around a market without eating is nearly impossible! And such yummy things they have too. After devouring a rather embarrassing large appelflap, I set off to take some photos of the autumn colours that are really beginning to show here in Groningen. Especially in the park, Noorderplantsoen. Here are a few from my lovely Saturday morning jaunt:

Little lake in Noorderplantsoen

By the lake in Noorderplantsoen

Bright sunshiny morning